Willow Spring

Willow Spring Tree Removal Services

Kenny's Tree Removal is a friendly and professional tree service company in Willow Spring NC.

Our Tree Removal Process

Typically if the tree needing to be removed cannot be fell into a safe drop zone,  it will require a climber to climb the tree and cut it in sections.  Some limbs may require rigging using ropes and pulleys to lower limbs to the ground.  On the ground we either run the branches through a chipper or into a dump trailer.

Once tree work has been completed and debris removed,  our customers have the option of stump grinding the remaining tree stump.  Normally we do not do the stump grinding the same day as the tree removal,  as it requires separate equipment to be brought to job site.

No Removal Option

A few of our customers decide to keep their wood and ask us to cut it into firewood size so they can have free firewood for the winter and to giveaway some to their neighbors.  This service is one of the most affordable,  since we do not need to removed the wood ourselves.




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