What Form of Payment Do We Accept?

We accept cash,  check,  all credit and debit cards.  There is a 3% processing fee on all credit and debit cards transactions.


Are We Insured?

Absolutely.  We carry $2 million in general liability insurance.


How Do You Remove Trees?

We have two options,  and we always look for the safest option of removing a tree.  Option #1: Fall tree from ground level.  If we come to the conclusion that we have enough space and safe enough to do it.  Option #2: We climb the tree and take down in small sections.  If the tree is near power lines or branches of the tree are over the roof of the house,  shed etc,  we redirect does sections of the tree with ropes/pulleys and slowly lower them to the ground.


Do I Need To Be Home During The Estimate?

We prefer for our customers to be home for an estimate,  but if not possible,  or the trees are already marked or is a single tree in front or backyard we can access etc,  we won't need for someone to be at the property.


Do I Need To Be Home During Work?

You don't have to.  Most customers are working during the day,  so most of the time we provide our services without our customers present.


How Much Does It Cost For Tree Removal?

This is a very tricky question,  no tree is the same.  We base our pricing on a few different variables (size of the tree,  access to the tree,  difficulty level,  stump grinding needed etc)


Can I Keep Wood For Firewood?

Yes.  We will leave as much wood as needed.  Most of our customers keep the wood.  It also makes the total job cost much cheaper since we're not removing the wood from the property.


Do Tree Climber Wear Spikes For Pruning Tree?

NO, absolutely not.  We do not climb tree with spikes if the tree is not going to be removed.  Spikes can damage tree vascular system that can lead to diseases and tree dying.